mmWave radar sensor detecting biometric information

Using the ultra-high bandwidth of 60GHz, Hatinroo is capable of reading an object’s biometric information (e.g., heart rate, heart beat pattern, respiration rate, respiration pattern, and motion) as well as an object’s distance. Since the product utilizes the mmWave at 60GHz, it is possible to detect fine motion with less than 1mm. The product is applicable to various areas, including security and business.

Ultra Thin Design

The mmWave smart radar for mattress is thinly designed to be 1cm. The compact size of the product does not cause a sense of inconvenience in bed.

From single size to queen size

It is possible to select a super single size (110*200cm) or queen size for couple (150*200cm).

Radon Free

In the radon test, the product was found to be safe. It is possible to use the product safely. In addition, the station, an interactive product, can sense radon levels in real time and gprovide notice. Therefore, it is possible to directly check for a safe sleep environment.

Perfect Sleep Experience

The product was produced by double cushion system which is a pillow-top method of construction, so that you can experience perfect sleep as you sleep on a comfortable topper on a mattress.